Good news for bakso lover and for some people that missed the opportunity to taste bakso.
We serve bakso throughout the spring time. Bakso is the most popular street food in Indonesia.....definitely you have to try :)

BOOM! 550 customers served on Festival "Kampung Indonesia"!!!
Thank you for coming and we are apologise if you didn't get what you expected and were waiting too long.
Now we are continue "Indonesian street foods"
come and catch us at Brantingsgatan 27 - Stockholm.
This will happen next Saturday and Sunday 12 - 13 August 2017 from 13:00

If the weather friendly :-

Indulge in the of authentic Indonesian cuisine at
Dapur Solo - Erna's Bistro
We are at Kungsträdgården on
28 Juli - 29 Juli 2017.
Come and join us to have a taste of authentic Indonesian cuisine, this is your rare chance to have a taste of authentic Indonesian cooking

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